Best Garden and Plant Care Instructions

The beauty of life; from the smallest plant to the Great Barrier Reef has always left us mesmerised. We always want to be able to admire that beauty. Mother Nature has always been the best at elevation of aesthetics by using its amazing creations. It is a soothing sight and contributes to the improvement of environment of our home.

Indoor Plant Care

The ‘growing’ trend of usage of indoor plants has some amazing benefits. So, before you grab the green home, here are a few things to remember based on Imagine Plants, a local company serving office and home clients about interior plant care and maintenance in Sacramento.



The plant you choose to grow indoors must be suitable for the type of environment present in your home.

While most people opt for cacti and other tough shrubs due to their resilient nature and low maintenance, it is always better to go for other options which turn indoor gardening into a more productive hobby. Flowering herbs and medicinal varieties are undoubtedly intriguing additions.

Bonsais are amazing high maintenance specimens for those with free time and interest.




Plants have adapted themselves to grow on the ground spreading its roots for support, fixture and nutrition. Therefore, while choosing an indoor plant, the space available for root growth and the texture of soil used is of paramount importance.

The area should be enough for the plant to spread its roots freely without much restriction. The composition and the features of the potting mixture should be as close as possible to its natural habitat. It is always wise to use the actual turf from its natural habitat.




Water is the essential requirement for any plant. Different plants need water in varying amounts. Too much or too little can both adversely affect them. It is a common practice to use small drip systems to ensure a constant supply of water or a closed terrarium which keeps water cycle active inside the container. Watering of plants regularly is necessary for their healthy growth.


Nutrient Supply


Nutrients are essential for the proper growth and development of the plant. The roots of the plant absorb these nutrients directly from the soil or in dissolved form. The most important nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, and there are almost a dozen other elements as well. They are usually present in the soil.

For indoor plants, special fertilisers like NPK supply the potted indoor plants with proper nutrients. The initial potting mixture contains abundant nutrients and lasts up to months depending on plant growth.




Plants make their food using water and carbon dioxide in the presence of light. This process is called Photosynthesis. Photosynthetic organisms require light to survive. However, even this has clauses.

Some Plants can’t bear direct sunlight and must grow in the shade. Others require it as a necessity. The plant is placed with these needs taken into consideration.




Plants shed leaves from time to time. They ooze sap too. All these are part of its natural growth. However, it is advised to prune the plants and trim the edges to ensure healthy growth.


An indoor plant is a thing of beauty, and a joy forever!

Gardening Care

Gardening is a very well-enjoyed hobby all around the world. A lot of people love handling plants and flowers to relieve stress, and for spending quality time pondering about life. Plants are just like pets, they need as much attention and care as that required by a cat or a dog. Gardening is a therapeutic hobby which helps with rising anxiety and fights depression. All around the world, people make time to create a proper garden in their homes and apartments for the purpose of high oxygen development.

Gardening Styles:

There are numerous techniques to style a garden but some of the most famous are listed below:

  • Traditional Dutch style garden
  • Elegant English style garden
  • Modern Japanese style garden
  • Herb and vegetable garden
  • Indoor Plants

Traditional Dutch style garden comes with an abundance of tulip flowers in well-proportioned space. English garden consists of a majestic lawn and some of the best architectural styled boundaries. Japanese style garden use koi ponds and bright colored flowers and plants in a modern style designed area. Herb and vegetable garden have fresh and edible fruits, vegetables and herbs used in daily cooking.

Planning a Garden project:

Irrespective of which style is chosen to implement in the house, planning the gardening style is utmost important.

There are some steps to be followed and some planning to be done beforehand jumping towards making a new gardening area in your home.

  1. Get as much basic information as possible.
  2. The US has a call before you dig policy, where the local authorities to be informed before going through with such projects. So if you’re a USA citizen, inform the authorities digging for a garden.

In planning process of gardening, there are some important things that need to be examined before digging for the gardening.

Decide your budget:

You have to decide how much money is going into the gardening and what the realistic budget is to be spent on the plants and gardening materials.

Decide the design:

One should have a clear picture in mind about the garden they want to create before proceeding with the deed. Designs can be made by your own self and some assistance can be taken from the internet. There are also some dedicated professional in the market available to make special designs, so they can be consulted if all else fails.

Determine size:

One has to decide if they are going for a small gardening area or a big space to cover with plants and flowers. The budget also acts as an influencing agent in this criteria.

Consider the weather’s influence:

Plants should always be planted according to the weather conditions and taking time to determine climate pattern is also an important step. Many plants die in certain weather conditions so this plan saves a lot of them

Choosing plants:

Plants should be chosen within budget and according to weather conditions. Native plants are most desirable because their care is less expensive and easy. Whereas exotic plants are great for keeping and give the home a glamorous feel.

SmartDraw is a great tool to create your own garden plan so start now.